Downloads: Script Toolbox

Here are download links to some scripts created as part of blog posts, to make trying the end product out a little easier than copying and pasting from the webpage. But please, don't just download - the whole point of me blogging about these things and describing the steps piecemeal is to encourage others to try coming up with their own versions of things, exploring new ideas, and so on.

All my scripts are using UNIX-style line endings, and aren't guaranteed to work on MS Windows systems even if you change them to DOS-style line endings. They tend to need a reasonably recent but not necessarily bleeding-edge version of Perl 5, plus a few modules from the CPAN. If you can't get these modules through your distro's repository, try cpanminus before resorting to the clunky old cpan shell, it's much nicer.

Featured in Integrating Integrity, parts 1 and 2, is my MD5 checksum creation and verification tool that aims to be compatible with the output from the Linux md5sum program.


Featured in Decimating Directories, is a simple little tool intended for use in crontab entries or other automated setups to go over a directory full of files and delete older ones to stay under a given size limit.