About the Lazy Cat

Hi. My name is James Clark, and I'm a... Software Developer? Crafter of Code? Computer Scientist? Basher of Bits? Application Artisan?

I'm a programmer. Whatever that means these days.

I have extensive experience with C++ and a host of other languages. One of my favourites is Perl 5. I love the Qt widget toolkit. Above all, I am lazy. Trust me, laziness is a virtue when talking about programmers - we want to avoid doing boring, repetitious work at all costs, so we will find ways to automate what we are doing, make the computer smarter about what it is doing, and make tools easier to use.

I previously worked at the University of Sydney on the GPlates project. Check it out if you have any interest in geoscience.

In 2012 I had some super happy fun scary health problems. The happy part is that it's all sorted out and I can focus on getting healthy again. It did put some things in perspective, though. I've always wanted to have my own business of writing helpful little bits of software and putting them online for people, so that's what I'm doing. I'm just one cat in an elaborate human disguise, so it's slow going, but ultimately rewarding work. I hope something I make can be useful for you.

Contact Me

You can contact me personally at james@lazycat.com.au
If you have questions about software I've written, email support@lazycat.com.au
I am currently employed full-time and will not be available for contract work for the forseeable future.

Lazy Cat Software
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