15 January 2022

Shutting down

Hey there. You might have noticed there haven't been any posts here in... decades? centuries? How long has it been? Time is weird now.

There's an off-chance that there's still a few people out there with their RSS readers configured to keep an eye on this place, so I thought I'd put this up to reach out to you, loyal reader; the site's going away.

I have registered an alternate domain, neko.stream, but I don't intend to port this old blog over to it (at least, not in this present Blogger form).

The Blogger pages themselves will stick around somewhere in Google's datacentre (unless it shuts the service down, as if Google would ever shut down one of their services, right? haha). But rather than maintaining the blog subdomain for it, I do intend to "one day" set up my own infrastructure for blog-like articles. Knowing me, this will be done sometime in 2032.

In the meantime... it's kind of a different vibe, but I've been streaming on twitch.tv semi-regularly. You might like to stop by there.

Take care and see you later.

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