31 December 2015

Christmas is here!

This Christmas, the impossible happened. Perl 6 is officially released.

Since its inception, a lot has occurred. The 2001 September 11th attacks on the U.S. and subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Apple makes the iPod. There's a new Pope. New Fallout games. We've gone from PHP 4 to PHP 7, skipping 6 because they couldn't get Unicode working right. Apple made a phone, and it turned out to be quite popular. Python 3 was released. Apple made a tablet. The end of the Space Shuttle program. Duke Nukem Forever got released after only 14 years of development. We've landed rovers on Mars, and are making self-driving cars. Apple made a watch. We had two more Star Wars prequels that sucked, and an Episode VII that was actually pretty good.

And now we have Perl 6.

Understand that it is a completely new language rather than an incremental version upgrade. It's still called Perl because it's still in the spirit of doing things the Perl way, and it's got a shiny new version number because it is shiny and new and modern, but it is by no means intended to be backwards compatible with previous versions (except via magic). It is a clean break. And I'm excited to start learning it.