27 August 2014

Jailing Java

Just a short post today. Aside from all the other distressing things happening in my life I've recently learned I'm getting kicked out of my apartment. Joy. I'll keep blogging to keep me sane, but they might not be as technical or in-depth as some of my other series.

Have you looked at your homedir lately? Cluttered with dotfiles, isn't it? If you don't know what a 'dotfile' is, look at your home files with ls ~/ ... now look again with ls -a ~/ . Quite a difference, right? In theory we have some modern XDG standards that will take a lot of that clutter and put them in ~/.config, ~/.local, and ~/.cache but that requires the programs to adhere to the XDG spec. Since we're in The Year Of The Linux Desktop we're actually in an exciting time where we are seeing a lot of developers making software (including games!) for Linux without actually being in the ecosystem from the start. So a lot of them aren't necessarily using Linux day-to-day. They aren't aware of how your homedir can get littered with crap from software that doesn't understand that ~/ is not the same as "My Documents" on other operating systems.

09 August 2014

MPD Mix-up

MPD Mix-up MPD is a favourite bit of software of mine. It stands for Media Player Daemon, and is exactly that - a tiny bit of daemon software that plays your collection of music. That's it. It keeps a database of song names and tags, but does not impose order on your collection. It doesn't even have a GUI - in true UNIXy tradition, you use a separate client program to connect to it. This means that rather than deal with each music-playing app's own databases and quirks about how it manages your music, you set up MPD once and can then go shopping for the interface you want. Now that I've switched to KDE I use Cantata, but I could still use Ario from my other laptop or CuteMPD on my phone - they can all connect to and control the same music server. It's lovely.
It's been a while since we had a screenshot of anything. Let's have a screenshot of Cantata. Look how pretty it is!

So anyway... most recently I was setting it up on a machine I've recommissioned to hold all my files. And I ran into a bit of trouble. From my old nemesis, PulseAudio.