04 April 2014

Rescue me!

So, I had hard drive problems recently. And then when I went to check out the backup I'd made - lucky me that I even had a semi-recent backup! - the drive that held the backup was also failing and corrupting the backup data.

The moral of this story is: BACKUPS! OMG BACKUPS! BACKUP YOUR SHIT RIGHT NOW! AND THEN BACKUP THE BACKUP! which is of course common sense and you don't need me to tell you that backups are important, gee la, you're not an idiot, you're one of my super-smart well-informed readers whom I respect 100%. Still, though, ... when was that last backup you did, exactly? Can you verify the integrity of the backup? Does it cover every single file you might want to restore in the event of a disksplosion?

I guess there is one upside to this: It's got me in a blogging mood again (Finally!) so you can expect a series of posts dealing with:-

  • Preparing for the inevitable failures
  • Watching for signs of early failure
  • Creating the One True Backup System that can finally give you peace of mind

Today? Let's get the ball rolling with a small post showing you how to set up a GRML rescue system embedded in your Ubuntu or Debian install.