30 May 2012

The Shoemaker Has No Shoes

My name is James. Some call me Neko. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Lazy Cat.

I am a programmer, so the natural thing for me to blog about is programming. In particular, I'm starting up a little business of my own, with the hope that I could maybe sell some of the software I create and earn a little income from the thing I enjoy doing. But this takes time, and there are many things I need to get in place before people could even see an "alpha" version of my labours.

Firstly, I need a website so that people know of my existence. I've registered lazycat.com.au for myself, but as yet haven't decided on what hosting meets my needs. For now, this blog will suffice.

Next, I want to update the tools of my craft. Since my university days, I've been using a little text editor that I rolled up myself as an experimental foray into the ncurses library. It's been a long time since I touched the code, and frankly the source code has reached critical mass and is unmaintainable. There's a couple of options for me at this point:-
  1. I could switch to using Qt Creator for everything. Qt Creator is a pretty awesome IDE which I've used on several occasions where I have a big, complex code base to wade through. It's quite decent, although I honestly prefer to not be tied down to any particular IDE.
  2. I could take sides in the Vim/Emacs holy war. They're both great, but none quite do things exactly the way I'd like.
  3. I could succumb to the urge that lies deep within every programmer and reinvent the wheel for the nth time, rewriting my clunky old editor from scratch and taking the opportunity to add some shiny new things in the process. This could be a nice way to get my motivation up, just dabbling on some project for the pure fun of it.

Clearly, option 3 is the way to go. I might even blog about some of the inevitable problems I'm going to face, getting to grips with ncurses again and trying to persuade it to permit wide characters this time.