02 December 2018

Perl 6 Advent Calendar

Have you been sitting here, refreshing the page for the last year, hoping for new content? Sorry. This is the Lazy Cat we're talking about here.

However, while we have been lazily hard at work in the boring real world which doesn't tend to generate blogposts, TMTVL over on the Perl 6 Advent Calendar has been industriously porting my old vigil.pl perl5 script to Rakudo Perl 6!

He has done an excellent job at explaining the process of porting and the differences between the two languages, go check it out and play with some fun Perl 6 features!

15 September 2018

With our powers combined

Out of nowhere, a post. Still working. No brainspace. But I needed to fix my PulseAudio again (surprise!), as the "Simultaneous output" option in paprefs doesn't seem to work anymore, so here's how I did it:

21 July 2017

Yeah, I know, sorry

I've been working! It has consumed all my runtime and then some more!

The good news is, I can at least use Perl 5 at work. And so I wrote a few little tidbits of information for my fellow developers, so they aren't surprised about bits of the language. It's almost blog-post worthy, so... copy-paste time!

25 November 2016

Tired but Friday;

Just a tiny micro-post today; I have a new job! It's Perl 5 related so expect more Perl 5 posts since I want to stay in that headspace, but I haven't forgotten about Perl 6.

I want to show off a little neat feature of Perl 6 that might not be the most widely used feature you're ever gonna see, but is still going to be useful once in a while.

07 October 2016

Software Spotlight: KDirStat

Very short tiny post today to show I'm not quite dead yet and maybe ease myself back into things. Rather than write some brand new software today, let's look at some software made by other people that's really handy: KDirStat.

29 March 2016

Roll for Initiative, part 2

blogdown: text2.md

More Perl 6 learnings must be had! I'm behind on my posts and I want to quickly catch up to where the module is at, so that I can then make the module even better! But what is a Module, in Perl 6? Perl 5 programmers will find it's a pretty similar process, but let's look over it and also see how classes work. Yes, there's a class keyword in Perl 6 and it's built in, no Moose required!

22 February 2016

Roll for Initiative, part 1

Oh hi! Just a short post for the moment because I am somewhat overwhelmed with things. But it can easily turn into some sort of multi-part thing. We're looking at more Perl 6 fun.

It all started when I was looking through Perl 6 docs, pondering what should be my second thing to learn about and write. I came across the metaoperators, which is a treasure trove of rather fantastic things that you can do in other languages just fine but tend to need tedious, repetitive looping constructs. Perl 6? Baked into the language, of course.

31 December 2015

Christmas is here!

This Christmas, the impossible happened. Perl 6 is officially released.

Since its inception, a lot has occurred. The 2001 September 11th attacks on the U.S. and subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Apple makes the iPod. There's a new Pope. New Fallout games. We've gone from PHP 4 to PHP 7, skipping 6 because they couldn't get Unicode working right. Apple made a phone, and it turned out to be quite popular. Python 3 was released. Apple made a tablet. The end of the Space Shuttle program. Duke Nukem Forever got released after only 14 years of development. We've landed rovers on Mars, and are making self-driving cars. Apple made a watch. We had two more Star Wars prequels that sucked, and an Episode VII that was actually pretty good.

And now we have Perl 6.

Understand that it is a completely new language rather than an incremental version upgrade. It's still called Perl because it's still in the spirit of doing things the Perl way, and it's got a shiny new version number because it is shiny and new and modern, but it is by no means intended to be backwards compatible with previous versions (except via magic). It is a clean break. And I'm excited to start learning it.